Best Tools to Carry in Your Car’s Boot

Drivers know that they always have to be prepared for the unexpected while on the road. While they have control over their vehicles, they might not have complete control of what’s happening outside. That’s why they need to be ready no matter what happens while they’re on the road.

You need to have a stash of working tools stored in your car’s boot. You wouldn’t want to get caught unprepared for any eventuality, especially if it happens late at night without anyone to help you service your vehicle. Also, you need to be the one to do it, so it pays to have the right tools and the proper knowledge to see things through.

Even if you finished resolving the issue on your vehicle and you arrive home safely, it would still be best if you would bring your car to a RAC approved garage for a full inspection. They will ensure that your vehicle is in roadworthy condition to keep you as safe as possible.

Here are some of the tools you need to have in your car.

Rechargeable flashlight 

While some would prefer using an old-school aluminium flashlight that runs on D batteries, you can always use a rechargeable flashlight to aid you when your car breaks down at night. Always ensure that your flashlight is charged so you wouldn’t encounter any problems. It also pays to have a spare one handy.

Jumper cables

Never forget your jumper cable assembly because it will come in handy when your battery runs out of juice to power your car.

Pneumatic Tyre Jack

Another essential tool you need to have is a pneumatic tyre jack. It will come in handy when you experience a blowout as it will help you position your vehicle correctly to change the tyres adequately.

Emergency tool kit

You can either buy one or make your emergency tool kit. Don’t forget to include a good set of pliers, flat and Philips-head screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, vice-grips and wire cutters. These will come in handy should you have a blown tyre or an overheating engine.

Tow straps

It will always be great if you have a length of stretchable but durable tow straps in your boot. Then, should you experience a problem with your vehicle and someone comes over to help, you can easily attach the tow straps to their car so they can tow you or dislodge your immobilized vehicle.

Fire extinguisher 

A 2.5-pound quick-release fire extinguisher should always be handy. Should your car overheat and cause a fire, you must stem it quickly to save yourself and your vehicle.

Safety triangles or early warning devices

Should you find yourself stuck in the middle of the road, you should still practice road safety measures by placing reflective safety triangles behind and in front of your car. This indicates you need help, but it will also help other drivers notice you.


Drivers know it is better to be prepared than be sorry on the road. You need several tools handy to help keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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